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Latest recordings by Tom 2017
       new original   "You Will Always Be My Heart"
Warm up with  alto sax
sonata by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) (MP3)
        or the fiesty  electric piano & sax
etude by Haskell Small (1978) (MP3)

Feeling quiet, then watch  Empty Shell.wmv video
          cheer up with 
Love Is All Around Us.wmv video.

  current favorite song is:  I Want You.mp3 
    previous favorite song was:  Best Day Of My Life.mp3     
       and previous favorite song was:  Get Busy.mp3

More favorites:
You Will Remember Me Then.mp3   
Every Sunrise.mp3
Little By Little.mp3 
He Knows The Way.mp3
Fill My Heart.mp3
You Will Not Fall.mp3
Window In My Heart.mp3
Lord Lift Me Up.mp3
Wait On The Lord.mp3 
E Jam and Sax in F_Bb.mp3
Slow Groove.mp3
Largo and Allegro by Haydn.mp3
Duet Sonata No. 6 by Telemann.mp3
Quartet Country Gardens.mp3
Tom & Lisa at The Center For The Arts.
   Almost Like Being In Love. mp3

Older Vocals

Baby Baby Baby.mp3    
Best Day Of My Life.mp3   
Best There Is.mp3     
Deep Within My Heart.mp3   
Dinner In The Sky.mp3  
Empty Shell.mp3  
Every Sunrise.mp3  
Feelin' Like I Know Myself.mp3   
Fill My Heart.mp3   
Forget About Him.mp3   
Get Busy.mp3  
Girl Of Mine.mp3   
He Knows The Way.mp3  
Hey Funky Sweet.mp3    
Home To The Heart.mp3   
How Am I To Know.mp3  
I Am Waiting For You.mp3  
I Can't Hide This Feeling.mp3  
I Give You All My Love.mp3   
I Need You Baby
I Need You Lord.mp3  
I Wanna Know That Your Gonna Love Me.mp3  
I Want You Lord.mp3   
I Want You .mp3 
I Want You original.mp3  
I'm Walkin To You Lord.mp3  
It's Christ Up In Heaven We Love.mp3  
It's Cold.mp3    
Little By Little.mp3  
Lord Lift Me Up.mp3   
Love Is All Around Us.mp3  
Mountain Man.mp3    
Reach Out.mp3 
Round And Round.mp3   
Send Your Spirit To My Heart.mp3  
Sittin' On A Rock.mp3    
Spirit Move Me.mp3   
Take Me Home.mp3  
The Book.mp3    
The Son Is Comin' Up.mp3   
These Are The Things We Need.mp3   
Wait On The Lord.mp3    
Window In My Heart.mp3   
You Will Not Fall.mp3     
You Will Remember Me Then.mp3    

68 Ballad.mp3  © 1981
Acoustic Guitar Jam.mp3  © 1981
Best Day Of My Life.mp3  © 1981
Come On.mp3  © 1992
Dave and Tom.mp3  © 2006
E Jam and Sax in F_Bb.mp3  © 1983
Fast Samba 1.mp3  © 1984
Fast Samba 2.mp3  © 1984
Had Enough Of Things Today.mp3  © 1985
Jam Good Bass.mp3  © 1986
Lightly.mp3  © 1986
Margy's Song.mp3  © 1975
Mountain Jam.mp3  © 1982
Rhodes & Organ.mp3  © 1982
Samba 3 AGuitar.mp3  © 1985
Samba 3.mp3  © 1983
Sax In FBb.mp3  © 1987
Sea Funk.mp3  © 1987
Sea Jam.mp3  © 1987
Slow Groove.mp3  © 1981
Slow Samba 1.mp3  © 1981
Slow Samba 2.mp3  © 1981
Slow Samba 3 G.mp3  © 1988
Slow Samba 3.mp3  © 1981
Smooth Guitar.mp3  © 1981
Symphony One.mp3  © 1983
Symphony Two 1st movement & Fast Samba.mp3  © 1985
Symphony Two 1st movement APiano & Sax.mp3  © 1985
Symphony Two.mp3  © 1986
Wind.mp3  © 1978

Classical Stuff
Duet Advanced 8cd5.mp3
Duet Allemande from Petite Sonata No. 1, Op. 13 by Boismortier.mp3
Duet Allergro meno vivace by Lutz.mp3
Duet Courante from Petite Sonata No. 1, Op. 13 by Boismortier.mp3
Duet Courante lentement & Gigue from Petite Sonata No. 1, Op. 13 by Boismortier.mp3
Duet Minuetto  by Beethoven.mp3
Duet Sonata No. 6 by Telemann.mp3
Klose 13.mp3
Klose 15.mp3
Klose 20.mp3
Largo and Allegro by Haydn.mp3
Quartet Adante by Haydn.mp3
Quartet Coronation March.mp3
Quartet Country Gardens.mp3
Quartet Finale.mp3
Quartet Home On The Range.mp3
Quartet March Militaire by Schubert.mp3
Quartet March St. Sans.mp3
Quartet Minuet by Mozart.mp3
Quartet original.mp3
Quartet Rigoletto by Verdi.mp3
Quatuor 1976 DEverson SQ.mp3
Sonata No. 3, 1st movement by Handel.mp3
Sonata No. 3, 2nd movement by Handel.mp3
Sonata No. 3, 3rd movement by Handel.mp3
Trio No. 1.mp3
Trio No. 2.mp3

and also:
The Original 16 Short Amazing Sax Solos

Blast From The Past  (2013)
William Lewis Group  (1978-1983)
Ceyx Recordings  (1995-2005)
Tom & Val   (2015)
Miller Family Recordings  (1991-2001)
Maddie O'Brien  (2013)
Midland High School Stage Band

All originals written and performed by Thomas W. Miller.
Vocals, Saxes, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Drums
recorded using various four track recorders
Amazing Sax