You may also listen to one of these 3 recordings
the original with Fender Rhoades and Electric Bass
           old upright piano with congas by Mike Ballard
     or the casio keyboard version with long harmonica solo 


When you send to me
Your inspiration for a love
That never has been known
I will calculate
All the reasons to except it
Hoping it would grow
Can this be what I've been hoping for?

I like your style
Got a need to take you somewhere
Where lovers often go
We shall investigate
The private freedoms we possess
Wanting more and more
Can this be what we've been hoping for?
O' my heart has never felt do sure

When you send to me
Your inspirations for a new life
That takes you on your way
I will hesitate, to be the one to let you go
Hoping you would stay
But in my mine I know you need this more
O' my heart has never felt so sure

© 1984