The Son Is Comin' Up.mp3
          lyric by Bob Miller

The Son Is Comin Up Tomorrow
    lyric by Bob Miller

It seemed as tho my life was falling down a dark hole
My trials seemed worse than anyone could bear
No matter how I tried to overcome them
The hope I had was turning to despair

But then I met a very special person
Like no one else I ever met before
With smile in hand and hope in great abundance
He showed me how to reach for even more

He said the son is comin up tomorrow
And then your life is gonna move ahead
So push your troubles way down in your pockets
Don't lay around "come on" get outa bed

Just cause you think that no one really loves you
Is all a lie cause God created you
And if you ask Him to come home to your house
He'll give life meaning and then make you new

He'll set us high upon his Father's mountain
And give us joy for all eternity
Cause every person to confess that he's Lord
With all of heaven down on bended knee

Ya know the Son is comin back tomorrow
When all the saints will rise up from the dead
And then he'll wipe away all tears and sorrow
Turn of the pain and suffering like he said

Cause Jesus loves you more than all the suffering
That he experienced high up on the tree
He's made a way for us to go to Heaven
You see He paid the price to set us free

Ya know the Son is is comin back tomorrow
And if your name is in the Book of Life
He's gonna save you from the lake of fire
And put an end to all your work and strife

© 1994